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Not a very interesting update, but I felt compelled to write something:

I’ve been back in the real world for a few weeks now, and of course the first thing I needed to do was set up a workstation.

Initially, my first choice was opensolaris-dev (in this instance, build 127) which turned out to be a rather painful experience. Besides the random crashes, 10 minute boot times and broken audio drivers, the real problem for me is that opensolaris has one of the worst packaging systems ever made.

Many people with much better prose than mine can explain the problems with IPS, if they weren’t painstakingly obvious from the moment you first used it – so I’ll leave that rant for another day.

So, I went off to and downloaded the latest Solaris 10 release and stuck it on my machine, and so far everything is working great – and compared to OpenSolaris it’s rock solid stable.

To make it more usable, the first thing I had to take care of was the lack of a decent terminal program, the gnome-terminal that ships with Solaris 10 is terribly dated, and when I’m inside vim and the cursor is over a comment, it disappears!

So I logged into the blastwave farm and made a package for urxvt, which should be available in the repo soon!

Some obligatory screenshots:

vim with a 256 color theme (zenburn)

Color test:

Next up was to install the latest Firefox which you can download from their website.

My next task is to get a proper window manager on there, such as awesomewm – which’ll come when I find some free time! 🙂

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