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I finally reached melting point with the gnome which ships with Solaris 10, and so I decided to take a look at some other window managers.

A bit bored of Flux and Openbox, I finally settled on DWM.

For those of you who don’t know – DWM is an exceptionally lightweight window manager (weighing in at just over 2000 lines of C) which has no configuration outside of config.h, and should be pushed out with the next release over at blastwave (my sources tell me this will be today).

To get started:

# /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -U
# /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -i dwm-dtlogin

This will pull down DWM itself, the dtlogin integration files (/etc/dt/config), urxvt and the artwiz fonts. Select DWM from your sessions list in dtlogin, and press MOD4(Windows Key) + Shift + Enter to open a terminal.

I’ve added DMENU to the repo for those who want it, too.

Some obligatory screenies.

“Floating Layout”

“Tiled Layout”

The patch for the zenburn-esque colour theme is here

Have fun! 🙂



  1. I’m a Linux dwm user and i want to try OpenSolaris out. When installing dwm you didn’t say where config.h is and how can i recompile it – i guess it’s not done manually

    • Recompiling is pretty much the same as linux. Cmds are the same, but i swapped the control key to be meta (winkey).

      Can send you the full config.h for the pkg if you want, though.


  2. That’s not what i ment. I was wondering if i recompile it via pkgutil (if so, where to place config.h) or manually via make install.

    I have my own config.h witch meta key also switched to winkey 😉

    • Aha, okay..

      pkgutil is the tool which downloads and installs binary packages from blastwave.

      If you want to compile it, you´ll need to do it by hand.

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